[street]short video

A vidéo I have filmed yesterday, hope you enjoy

Nice double flip at the end…Good Job.

My favorite part of that, was the second trick you did. It was almost a Heaton Double Seat-Wrap, but you changed it up. Whats the name of that?

You look very experienced. How long have you been riding? im guessing 2-3 years?

Pretty good but I would call it a flatland video.

i dunno, i mean he had a treflip in there. Anyways, nice work.

That was good, I really liked the 540 unispins

Short and sweet :sunglasses:

My favourite part was all of it - you rock! Keep up the good work:)

really nice guy! :wink:

thanks guys for all the comments

Beeber, I ride since 1year and 6months, and the second tricks I did is called “dan tricks” in France…

Yeah I know and that’s great and all, but he did everything on flat. Still he had some really good tricks in there. Well done.

Cool vid.

It’s not flatland just because he was on the ground. There was only one flatland trick in there.

I loved the tricks and stuff, but i didnt really like the editing. It made it hard to see the trick in my opinion.

Good Job!

For me the music REALLY didn’t fit.

really nice !