Street Riding on a 24"

Is it possible to do street riding on a 24" muni?

Not extreme things just basic hopping crank grabs ect.

Thanks for any response.


You haven’t seen this, have you?

I’ve seen it now… I guess you can do street on a 24" then.



Do you know where there’s any more videos like that?


That really encourages my choice for a 24" Torker DX.

I was really thinking of just getting a 20", my choice keeps flip flopping.

I want trials, but I want a little more speed and distance…


Personally, I really like the Techno Vid.

yep, you can do anything with a 24". just wait for justin’s video to come out (evolution), his part is going to blow everyone’s minds for what’s possible on a 24". seriously it’s a must have DVD !! so many new tricks i can’t even name them all!
evolution people… it is freaking sweet!

sounds cool… can’t wait.

In my experience riding a 24" for street is always a compromise. What people consider impressive is the type of unicycle you are using to do tricks, instead of the tricks themselves. Yes a 24" is faster and can let you do bigger gaps, but it is heavier and slower to unispin/crankflip and quite frustrating for doing tricks that involve hopping on the wheel or using the wheel as a foot plant point. If you are serious about riding street i think a nice 19" splined trials is the way to go. I got one and now i would never take my 24" for anything other than distance or offroad.

rail hopping,grinding, all that stuff i find much easier because theres longer and bigger everything on a 24…


I thought I was gonna end up doing alot more trials than i did. When i got my 24’’ dx I ended up doing tons of muni. And for me at least, muni does have some trials in it depending on what kinds of trails you’re riding

So there’s hope for me on my DX 24! I do most of my practice riding to and from school, or before I’ve left for home. I can’t bring myself to ride my 20" places and practice stuff it’s just too slow (but since I put on my 170mm cranks the 24 is probably just as slow as the 20 w/ 127’s). Being almost always broke I get more miles per $ as my presantly favorite tire is only $14 at my LBS is also a motivating factor.