Street-Rev'ed Up
fun video I’ve been making for a while, but just finished it yesterday
Comments please :slight_smile:

oh man, keeping this to yourself are you?!

(it’s set to private)

You’re crazy
It’s not on private…

Many of the lines were the same thing. The rev down the five stair was nice, well done. Try some rev 180s off sets.

I’d like to see a bit more variety next time.

Yea I just got a bunch of clips and put them all in…didn’t edit too much. Next time I will. Thanks for the comment

I thouht you were going to rev up that first four stair!

and yes more variation next time.

Nice vid, i watched your trials vid aswell and that was awesome alot better than your street one, good music and awesome riding :slight_smile:

good video, all the revs got boring tho