[Street] OrIgIns

Hello everybody !

I’m posting for one of my uni-buddy, who has been riding for one month. He’s incredible, watch this, you won’t believe it !!!

Leave comment please !



:smiley: For a month seriously, or just got on a unicycle a month ago, Ive seen ppl being able to jump their first month, i was one of them.

wow he is pretty good for only a month…

WOW il est beaucoup plus fort que je pensais. Il a du talent et du potentiel. J’ai bien hate de voir à quel rythme il va s’améliorer avec un KH. Son 360 unispin m’a tellement surpris ahaha je savais même pas y faisais 180. Le talent est A LAVAL !

WOW. He is way better that I thought. He’s got some good skill. I can’t wait to see how he will get better with a KH.
I was surprise when I saw the 360 unispin I didnt even know he could 180 unispin.

very nice. II got to say there’s been some damn good ridin’ coming out of Quebec lately. Good stuff! And I love his style, very nice.

That is very crazy for only riding a month. I was really surprised to see the blunt grind and 360 unispin. Good job.

thats amazing for only a month!:slight_smile:

Bullshit he’s been riding just one month.

very nice for only one month

great job. those grinds were impressive.:slight_smile:

I swear !!! I’ve been riding with I’m all the time !..but yeah that’s true, he has been riding for 5 years, BUT he began street riding like 5 or 6 weeks ago now…he wasn’t hopping or anything, just rolling. I’m so proud of him !


Oh ok, that makes more sense then. It is still really good though.

Yeah… I had a hard time beleiving the one month thing. It took me like five months of unicycling to get a 360 unispin. I’ve never tried grinding, but he made it look easy :wink:

Liar I new it… it takes 2weeks to rool is crooked lines and turn horribly lol…

He is totally nuts!
Very impressive!
I love the grinds:D