Street or Trial....advice

I currently ride a Nimbus 24" Muni… am looking at getting into some trial/street with a 20".

I’m 220lb (with plans to lose some weight :D), but don’t really know which way to go as my understanding is that one is stronger than the other. ???

Any advice here is appreciated.

Street and trials unicycles are pretty much the same. The pedals are the only difference I can think of. They’re all built to be very strong. What’s your budget? Maybe we can recommend something in your price range.


I’m willing to pay $300-350 or so… which seems to be about the going rate on for various models/manufacturers. I’m wondering, however, what makes one uni better than another. For example, are there different quality of ISIS hubs/cranks between manufacturers? I’m just looking to get the best deal for my money.

Get a nimbus trials, worth every penny, believe it retails for around the $350 mark.

I find it just as good as my kh trials uni,

I have abused my nimbus trials for the past year and still holding up. :slight_smile: only ever broken a seatpost, but changed to a steal seatpost instead of alu :slight_smile:

The Impact Reagent looks good at that price. I like that it comes with KH spirit cranks + rollos. I also really like that tire, which has become hard to get in the U.S. It looks like a really good deal.

Don’t get anything with a KH hub. There are tons of threads on this forum about how they make loud noises and then die, from 2004 to the present. Nimbus and Impact are both good, in my experience, and a lot less expensive.

Since when is Impact a lot less expensive than KH? Or should I ask ‘where’ :thinking:

appreciate it

Appreciate the advice and recommendations. In fact, I was considering the Nimbus trial (which version) and the Impact Reagent…

The other thing is crank size. My muni has 150s… but I have some choices when ordering.

song: thanks for the tip on avoiding KH hubs.

Street unis have flat frames, so they’re good for foot up tricks. They’re also supposed to be better for street stuff like riding down stairs, crankflips, rolling hops, etc. They generally come with the shorter cranks, 125mm

If you’re gonna ride alot of skinnies get longer cranks, like 137mm (standard for trials). Trials frames are forked rather than flat–this is so you can do BIG drops and not have it break. But, street and trials will both hold up no problem as long as you’re not doing 5ft drops every day for a year…

I like the regent or the KH20. Never tried the Nimbus 19" unis, but I am sure they are good.

The Gravity’s great, but I prefer a square crown for versatility. It’s fine for trials and flatland/street. But a round frame is tough for foot off tricks.

I purchased a Nimbus Equinox Street 20" about a month ago and love it. I am sure there are better ones out and I look forward to the day my skill level requires me to up grade, but for now I think it is awesome!


Seems the Impact Regeant in the US, is different from that you get in the UK. The only thing Impact is the frame everything else is KH (hug/crank) and Nimbus (rim).

Seems I have to go to in the UK to get the real thing.

You should also be able to get it in canada,

I have had many KH hubs from 2004 onwards and have never had any problems or loud noises… I may be lucky though.

Impact IMO Is the best trials unicycle money can buy… close by with KH.

The nimbus 19" is similar to KH IMO, ridden both but KH parts did last a little longer - example KH MOMENTS AND SPIRITS.

I would agree they are some of the best by value, but if you are willing to pay you can get better. I just switched out my reagent frame for a m41 frame the difference is amazing.

Ended up…

Ended up getting a Nimbus Street. Even found a 10% off coupon for which made it a sweeter deal.