Hey guys,

So I finally got a chance to do some filming in “the Big City” New York, NY, no place like it. I didn’t get quite as much footage as I would have liked, and the ridding I did get on film isn’t my flashiest hottest tricks. I did however get to session some really cool spots, some of which are world famous. There is some wonderful Brooklyn bridge clips at the beginning(thankfully the weather was nice for that). Expect some more footage of the Brooklyn banks in my next NYC vid, along with some better grinds(…if I can gather up the stones).

Its sorta new getting used to having someone film for me, and was a bit to cold to be a perfectionist, but let me know what you think of what I got this time around, and stay tuned for some more NYC sessions.

-Sam Haber

Here is the List:
Download(kinda on the big side “195mb” but has very, very awesome picture quality)

Youtube(youtube did an exceptionally bad conversion with this one, but here you go anyway)


duuuuuuuude, i enjoyed that. You managed to get some decent riding without getting shanked, im impressed!

no seriously, nice vid…had a certain “raw” factor to it that i really liked, some sickly sweet creative lines. I look forward to your vids.

cant wait to see more

Haha, this weekend im going filming in the city. I’ll watch this vid in a little bit.

EDIT: watched the vid… Great riding. Great finds of places to ride… Theres so many in the city.

i tried to comment on youtube, but it seemed not to work
wanted to say that
i always love your videos, but this one is your best one
proper street style, btw nice camera leading
ride oon

Awesome! I enjoyed the whole vid.
Great editing, and nice, creative lines!
Looking forward to your next vid.

Wow, Thanks guys.

Cedric where you been? I almost called you out with this one so I could get to watch another of your awesome vids.:wink:

Glad everyone is diggin’ it so far.
…and yea, didnt get shanked. I was carrying a knife with me, just incase I hade to do some shanking to a camera thief.

I cant wait to go back, I have been seeing about much possibilities for sweet lines and new shots in the back of my eyelids every night since Ive been home.

SICK…5spins are getting clean…the crankflip off the skinny to 5spin was my favorite part


Aaa-wesome! :astonished: Enjoyed every second, I just didn’t want it to end! Superb job!

Awesome job man. The song and riding went together perfectly with the editing. Best vid I’ve seen from you for sure.

(haha work on your grinds though, I expect better from you;) )

Yo Sam, I have a request… I like your editing and everything, you seem to have something there that I need work on. So I was wondering if you would be so kind as to use a rockier song in your next video, I really wanna see how you work with it.

Loved the flip to stand up ww.

That was awesome man. Cool lines. I too loved the flip to stand up ww. Is that hard on the Triton?

I haven’t done that specific trick on the Triton but I’ve ridden his and that crown is no worse for stand up/foot on crown tricks than a true flat crown. It actually feels a bit more natural.

Good job Sam, I can’t wait to get some decent footage in Boston with you.

Thanks again guys. All the comments make up for the lack of sleep I got editing this up.

Learned it on the Triton. When I got the frame I was testing out how well the crown would work for foot on frame tricks, ended up learning stuff like that. I can do “stand up”, I sitll gotta learn to let go, better on my Triton than my K1 frame. It has alot to do with the griptape, tho I first learn the trick without the griptape while it was wet out. So I would say the Triton is fine for foot on frame stuff.

I have been meaning to do just this. I listen to mostly hip hop so I when I am picking a song that fits the vibe I want, it tends to be hip hop, as thats what I have the most of.
I want to do something to Beasties Boys, tho that still isnt to “rocky”. I will try to search around a bit for something I can use.

Sweet, this is my favourite video of your since sweatin’ it.

What foot do you usually hop with forward? I noticed that you alternated sometimes, was that on purpose? Seems like you are getting good at switch.

I also liked the crankflip to stand up WW to, and your 5 spins are getting super clean.

Looking forward to your next vid

I’m by no means a great editor, but I’ve watched some good videos with harder rock music. It seems to me that videos with rock music have quick transitions between scenes, often with one trick at a time. Rap music especially seems to really emphasize flow in videos. There are always exceptions, but I find it hard to watch a video of a long line to rock music. Just my two cents…

Great video man, I’ve been waiting a while to see a unicycle hit the banks.

Wow, just read that and went back to have another watch. Around half those tricks you landed were switch. Thats crazy, awesome vid.

Yea. Glad I went. There was no one there when first arrived. Was nice having the hole place to just My friend Colin and I. The actual banks are super steep, thats what everyone says when they first see them in person… Film does not do it justice. There is some cool stuff going on there, certainly a sweet little nook in a massive place. Its neat being at one of the spots responsible for street sports way of life. It almost got closed down, and who knows how long it will actually be there.

First off thanks.

Here is the story. I learned to jump mount left foot forward. Then when I was learning to hop I must have felt more comfy right foot forward, cause thats is the foot position that naturally progressed. Once I started thinking about learning tricks I was confused. If I were to take my feet off the pedals they should land left foot forward cause that is how I was comfortable jumping onto the uni. So I learned unispins and cranks flips left foot forward.

…now a couple years later, when static hopping (and sometimes rolling) can hop bigger and higher left foot forward. Although after learning rolling hops righty I am a bit more comfy setting up right foot to jump big sets and hoptwist ('specialy together).

This is sorta neat and sort of a pain for various reason. On one hand It opens up a lot of neat lines for me. For instance, I can combo on lines that have a 1/2 pedal rotation in them. On the other hand It is not so easy for me to trick medium- big size sets. Since my comfy “big set” foot, is not my comfy “trick” foot.

It is all starting to melt together finally, and I think It will be really good for my riding in the long run.

I’ve been meaning to learn switch unispins… I can fluently rolling hop up curbs and 2 sets at the most switch. I can hop fine switch, but I feel that i’m learning this process too early… I think it is taking away practice time for other street tricks that will make videos more entertaining… I mean I can do stuff switch, but not many people pay much attention to that, and may be like “wow, up a two set”. It gets frustrating…

Great vid… If I may ask, how’d you get there? Cab? Train? Drive? Kinda confused me… It’d be a mad long drive…