[Street] Mathematics Boredom : Flip Session


I was getting bored and inefficient in my mathematics study, so I decided to go for a short session, which turned mostly into a flip session. Nothing new or impressive, but I had fun.

This is the third part of the “Boredom” serie.

Enjoy !


Is that a cheque for a large sum of money at the end??? :stuck_out_tongue: Your tricks are awesome- they’re just so clean :smiley:

Hugo! You still going to NAUCC??? Lets get a room together! :smiley: And get a facebook man lolol

That was really clean, rolling out of everything looking cool.

I would have loved to see all of that done down a 5 set just as clean. Even tough this is clen done flat, i get a feeling they way you perform your tricks better fits a height. You land things really safe, no balance mistakes in landing as many flatriders have when they do street.

It’s more like a large cheque for some sum of money. However, it was from me to an organism, when I shaved my hair for cancer. They still gave me their cheque…weird.

I am still going to NAUCC, with Émile, Ed and Stella. So except if we are 6 or something, our room is full (and I don’t think Stella would appreciate being with 5 or more unicyclists smelling for a week :p). And I won’t be getting a FB anytime soon, sorry. Talk with my secretary (Émile…).

I would have love to see all of that on a 5 too ! Ahaha ! I just don’t have access to a 5 near my place, and the purpose of this vid was really to take a break in my study, so I didn’t have much time to find a stairset.

Thanks everyone !