Street-Flat Video

Hi unicyclists,
this is my newest video.
I made it the last two weeks.

please comment it

enjoy! :slight_smile:


I liked that video.
It has given me a good idea what to learn, and where i want to go with my flatland now; thanks

Same here. That was an awesome video, and your flat is great. I need to get out of my flat schlumpf (haha) so I can get this good!

I love your style man, you are amazing.

How long have you been cycling?

about 1,5 years

jea it`s a very cool video

nice vid man;)

Great video, and I loved the scenery!

What are those white pedals that you have?

haha the outside roll bail at 3:26 is what always happens to me

eastern bikes trials :wink:

Really nice movie. You were creative with the basic crank rolls and kept it interesting with the street. Some of the crankflips got repetitive but it’s good that you practice them on and off different stuff.