Street/Flat Video

We made a video this weekend
here is it:

Hope you enjoy it


yeah good job ludwig,jakob,emil and flo:p

thanks but ludwig did more work than me:p

awesome video !!:D:D:)
I really like the bails :stuck_out_tongue:
and I love the street part the most… :roll_eyes:

That was rather enjoyable.

Wow, crazy video guys. Felix your street is awesome, and Ludwig’s combos went on forever. That was sick, keep it up:D

Nice video, nice flat!
But man those flashes in the first part annoyed me a lot :frowning:

Nice. The street was fun. The flat was boring, but some of it was awesome.

The filming on the first part was really shakey, but I liked it more then crappy static cameras like on the flat.

great video!! I liked your flatland!!:smiley:

really nive vid guys;)
Riding was awesome…
was that a treydouble down the table? :thinking: ?
we have to ride togehter again :roll_eyes: :smiley:


treydub down the table??? Nice man.

But it’ll only impress me after you pull a treydub on flat aswell :stuck_out_tongue:


That was a sick vid! Nice flat combo at the end, & Really good streat ! :smiley:

hey i watched the “treydouble”:stuck_out_tongue: 20 times

and recognised that it was only a normal treyflip:D

yes, it was only a trey:D

hahaha treydouble:D i wish i could do that :astonished:
thx for all the coments:p

He watched it 20 times cause he was like, :thinking: NO WAY!!!

:sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue:

nice vid. You had some insane combos

I like the riding, and outdoor scenes.
I dont like the flickering black screen effect… overused.
Odd how it got really interlaced near the end.

thanks for all your comments

i think only one clip in the street part is really shaky :roll_eyes:
and im really sorry for the boring static carmeras but i needed some clips and because i went to rome this week i didnt have any more time