This is my new vid!!

WOW… why haven’t I heard of you before?
That was just amazing, great job.

holy cow! hick triples on flat.

wow your skills are amazing


AWESOME… The triple Hick was sick… Some amazing flat combos too…

You rocks!

c’était des triples
par dessus le muret, c’est un double
il lance aussi fifth en montant une marche :smiley:

it was triple
by top the small wall, it is a double
he landed fifth by taking up a step

great video! youre awesome in flat!:slight_smile: :astonished:

Nah it would just be a fifth flip lol.

It was hard to tell what flips were triple and what were doubles, but I’m gonna guess they were triples.

Crazy clean hick triple. Very cool.

Lol triple hick would be 3 hickflips in a row if your going to use that logic.

i.e hickflip, land, hickflip, land, hickflip

Hick triple and in-in trey sideflip! Insane!

with a triple hick the flips would have to change direction with each 180 u-spin. so it wouldn’t be any of these.

Than you for comments!!

It’s only one flip by top the small wall!!

This is the video of the hicktripleflip:D : http://www.vimeo.com/1400885

I like how you showed so much of the preparation lol…

Also, the video became inconveniently jerky precisely when you were doing the hick triple. What a shame.

That was so amazing!! Has anyone done a hicktriple before?

yes, however I haven’t heard of it ever being performed on flat.

Omg Man! ur good! u have awesome skills, wonder why i have never seen ur vid before, u are awesome! Keep it up! :roll_eyes:

Its too hard to see. Can’t see if its a normal hick, a double or a triple lol. But o well, looks like its time for a better camera.

And Kev, whats with the ever changing sig?

I can tell it’s a hick triple. You can see the cranks spin round 3 times. I think it’s just jerky because of the slow motion. BTW on the subject of hard to see tricks, does Shaun J do a big backflip in his 2007 vid?


it sounds really good and i haven’t even watched it yet…

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: <—(illistrates time watching it)

:sunglasses: woah :sunglasses: