{street/flat} Happy new year video


A small video, have an happy new year :wink:



Ssssick… but too short. Happy new year to you too.

That’s awesome! You need to make a longer video though, These short ones leave us wanting more cause they end so quickly.

i love your smooth bouncy style.
we need more though.


I’m going to make a longer video


Very nice!! Happy new year for all the forum!! :wink:

Cant wait bro.

ahh i love your style enzo.

great vid as always!!

yeah Enzo i must say your probably have the most entertaining flatland style ive seen so far. good video. looking forward to seeing the longer one;) .HURRY!

that was amazing!!!

your very smooth…nicely done!!

I loved the combos. Very smooth, quick transitions.

Wish it were like 3 min, or even more:o

thats the whole point :slight_smile:
if they are too long they suck
if they aren’t long enough… you get antsy waitin for a new one :wink: