Street Dreams

Heres a short vid of a night session with myself and Josh Bate riding.
Hope you enjoy.

P.s, some of the clips are a little hard to see, next one will be during the day :smiley:

Edit : Watch in HD!!

I was gonna use the same title! I had it all planned out and everything!! I might still use it. I have the perfect song for it. Cool vid, my favorite trick was definately that clean doubleflip, and the 1 footed riding to crankflip down the curb thing. Nice job.


Nice vid! Keep it up!

Awwwwwww yeah! Go NZ! :smiley:

180 double and fakie 540 were HAWT! Can’t wait to ride with you guys.

Very nice vid, keep it up :)!

Awsome. :smiley:

The Ending was Epic… Awesome Video.

Sweet vid. keep it up!

Quality’s too good. Can’t watch it. But whoever landed the 180 double flip, nice!! lol.

The fakie five was josh and the 180 double was me, so thanks! :smiley:

sweet as guys! about time you rode some more josh! :stuck_out_tongue: i also loved the 180 double flip and the fakie 540 :smiley: oh and the sideways wheel walk was nice too! and everything else really!