Street Crank Question

Ok i am wondering a few things about these

First, How would they compare to the K1 street cranks?

Second, Whats the q factor like on em

Third, would they be decent for street, right now im riding moments and im fairly happy with them, however i wish they didn’t have quite so much q factor…i just want to be sure that they will hold up to the demands of street (like my moments have)…i dont do anything bigger than a 9 set btw, any input is apreciated

Edit: this isnt a crank question but will This frame fit an isis hub?

Do they not rape your ankle?

There is still a nub. Here is a VIDEO(by Evan Bryne) on grinding off the nubs.
The thread about it.

However I have never been bothered by nubs on cranks. I just wear leg protection with ankle gaurds.

Ride better. Or get ankle guards, or grind them down. Nubs arent too bad for me. Get hit a few times and after that its fine.

How do they compare? What do you want to compare?

Strength wise, they should be unbreakable. Before Qu-Ax went to ISIS, not one person has ever broke their hub or cranks. Now they are ISIS, and still hold to have never broke. They havent been ISIS for too long, but im not doubting them at all. I would trust them on the 8-10 foot drops, and all other stuff I do on my Torker and KH.

Im not too sure on your 2nd question, because I have never ridden them. If they are anything like their older models of cranks, they will have a q-factor similar to Profiles.

If I was you, id just get use to the q-factor. I dont even notice the q-factor on my KH. Rides smooth and fast. Switching from my KH to Torker (with no q-factor) has no difference of feeling, one isnt a smoother/quicker ride than the other. Only difference I feel is that when I am in a stillstand or doing natural trials, I have more control with the KH, because of the small amount of Q-factor.

Im sure the Qu-Ax will hold perfectly for you, but call in UDC and ask them about the cranks, and find out if they really have an outward angle on them or if they would be straight.

And yes, that frame will fit on an ISIS hub.

sweeet, after christmas ill prolly pic up both of those items…:slight_smile:

i no this is off topic but could you explain what q factor is? i have only been riding 2 months. and do people who ride street have shorter cranks than trails so there is more flow in riding and get a bit more speed? thanks for any answers :slight_smile:

Firstly, welcome to the fora rct3! :slight_smile:

Q-factor is when the cranks angle outwards away from the frame a little bit. The wider pedal positioning and therefore wider stance means better balancing, mainly for trials.

Shorter cranks for street allow riders to go a bit faster for things like gaps and jumping stairsets but they also make crankflip tricks easier

ahh thats good to know. thanks for the warm welcome. so im guessing the KH moment cranks have quite a big q factor as there ment for trails. i wont hijack this thread anymore but thanks very much :)!

How come the bottom of the page says they wont then?

thats why i asked, caus i noticed that

they are straight
i can get pic’s up tomorrow if you want

trials doesnt necesarily want high q- either.

high q provides a bit more satbility and ankle clearence, but can also kill speed, which is nessasary for rolling hops in trials as well as street stuff.

q-factor is rider preference and can be noticed mor e by some than others. the guys who have loads of experience w/ many diff cranks know more on this subject than i do.

one more thing:
WELCOME! to the fora

The KH and Nimbus hubs have wider spaced flanges, and therefore the elbows of the nipples will rub a frame that is too tight.

please, i should have asked you caus i rememberd you bought evans…have you gotten a chance to ridem yet?

Thats weird. Josh has that frame, and the ISIS hub.

Unless he has a different frame on his uni and told me differently. Gargh! Now ill have to go over and check out his uni to make sure.:o

Ignore my answer until I can personally verify what frame he has, otherwise id just stick with MDC quote, cause out of all the UDCs, they are one of the better ones with information and testing what products are compatible with what.

EDIT: He got on msn, so I asked. He doesnt have that frame, thought he did, but once I linked him to it he noticed the difference. Sorry about that.

no i haven’t got to uses them yet i should have bought a crank puller with my last uni, but i did not think it would be that long. i am going to get one in jan when there back in stock most likely
pics sorry for the wait i was quite busy yesterday
denubbed Quax 125mm tube cranks

in case your browser doesn’t support the pics heres links

thankyou qhxakg, it looks like the q factor is somewere in between moments and koxx one trials…so i think im gonna pick these up after christmas


@Jerrick, if this Josh character thought he had that frame then he must have a similar frame, what is it, i really like that frame but i dont wanna buy it without being sure its isis compatible, so i am wondering what “Josh” has that is similar enough for him to mistake the two:D

i just measured and the q factor is half an inch

I wont be able to talk to him until later tonight, once he gets home from work.

He used to be big into DH biking and some trials (I wonder if he still has a trials bike.) and got a Torker lx a few months ago to learn on. After seeing my KH when I was teaching him, he wanted to go out and as he put it, get himself a beefy tire.

He probably just mistaken his regular Qu-Ax frame and called it the street frame.

And whats with the “” around his name? Can I not have a friend named Josh who unicycles? =p

hahaha, i do that with anyones name when i am on the internet…unless they are on the internet (i.e. Jerrick)…or unless i know them on a firstname basis…:stuck_out_tongue:

idk know why i do it i just do:D