Street Climbing

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could do this

one, that doesnt belong in this forum, two, thats free running, a lot of people can do that. a lot of that stuff is really hard, but a lot of free running isnt.

Street Climbing, Free Running or Parkour :smiley:

It’s awesome… In the park where I ride there are some guys doing this stuff :smiley:

Some videos are really impressive:


EDIT: JC Forum

I’ve watched both of those videos and neither of them contained any real parkour.

They were nearly all urban tricking and buildering with a few elements of parkour thrown in.

Le Parkour is not about huge jumps on rooftops, it’s about fluid efficient movement with none of these fancy flips and stopping to turn around just so you can backflip off a wall.


I like the way you illustrate your point by linking to a clip that uses parts of the original video (0:23 for example) :smiley:

But, yes, should be in JC


That stuff looks really cool but I don’t see how people learn it without dying. I mean what happens if you mess up…Splat! :astonished:

Hooray! one person got it right! :smiley:
the constant mix up of free running and parkour is one of the things that annoys me most in the world!
parkour is, essentially, go as fast and eficient as possible, freerunning is when you do tricks. I would disagree however, in that “huge jumps” can be a part of parkour, but only if they help your "line’

all that being said, this doesn’t belong in this forum.

I have seen that vid so many times lol

wouldn’t just running around the obstacles be quicker in most cases then?