[Street] Chris and Samuel - Unused clips

Hey hey heeeey!!! I’ve I’m getting close to finishing my new street video that I’m very proud of :slight_smile: These are some clips that didn’t make the cut and also I just wanted to upload the footage of me and my friend at the mountain dew pinball park, so I threw in all the other clips aswell. Samuel is 12 and has been practicing street and flatland for 1 year now. Enjoy! Watch quickly before the audio gets taken down… Might upload to vimeo.

3:10 was mind blowing, how did you make it flip?! If an 8 set blunt didn’t make it into your street video, I can’t wait to see what did. Samuel looks like he’s doing good too, especially for only a year of riding. :slight_smile:

Aw no… This is gonna do Dan’s ego wonders… the only trick in the whole video you comment on… is his… What the heeeeeeell!!!

Its the DCS grind. I dunno what dan calls it but thats what I call it :stuck_out_tongue: I do a half rev into the grind(back half rev, feels more comfortable but can do either back or forward, both work) then kick the wheel backwards.

That was so awesome! All of the grinds were really nice, I can’t wait for the real video!

Now that I rewatched it I could tell that you kicked it, that’s sick. With my stance I wouldn’t even have to half rev in, only half rev out or land switch… I might have to try this

Edit: Just to offset Dan’s ego I’ll comment on something else, looks like you could clear at least a 5 with that outflip you did off the ledge.

I’ll be doing bigger then a 5 don’t worry :slight_smile:

Samuel’s grinds are amazing i don’t remember them being that good :stuck_out_tongue: and i like your tray flip catch it was soo cool!!!

Dan gets overlooked way too often, poor guy.

vimeo that shit, Chris. I need music to it

Same, haven’t watched it yet for that reason.

http://vimeo.com/25270175 I uploaded it over night :slight_smile: