[Street] Antoine L.B. 2010

Here’s Antoine’s edit of the year 2010. He asked me to post his video and his style is pretty sick, check it out.

That was awesome, he does have a cool style. I liked the cool stalls and the backflip tricks.

awesome man :slight_smile: love the early caught flips and the double fakie flips, also the distance you can on your late backs!! amazing

Steeeeze. Reminded me of a skate video, I like it.

awesome vid :slight_smile:
awesome style!! nice tricks, music and filming :smiley:

wall plant was cool. but there were a LOT of flips and not much else. he has a nice style and he’s got his flips nice n clean (apart from those few after hops), he just needs to do a little more with his riding i reckon.

i bet everyone saw this comment coming from me :stuck_out_tongue: lol

woooow, good video:)
I loved it and enjoyd watching it.
realy like the music and riding to :roll_eyes:

Sorry for my bad English in this comment :roll_eyes: :o

I think you’ve got a perfect idea of what small tech street should look like. The stalls and stuff were awesome, and there weren’t an excessive amount of footplants! I liked it :wink:

nice riding and style! To many flips though, although did like the crank flip off the tall ledge and liked the fact it was slow and clean, much nicer than a messy double flip i reckon.

sick stuff in there, loved how you did backflips over things and really loved all your flips that you did. The footplants werent over done like Eli said and the feeling of the video was great!

Cant wait to see another video come from you again :smiley:

because he grew up he stopped wearing his helmet? :stuck_out_tongue:

Love it. Emile, give my compliments to Antoine for me, will you good sir?

I get what you are trying to say, I feel the same. However, if you have watched his previous videos, you’ll notice that he is slowly integrating more (real) street in his riding, which I find awesome (for exampe, his flip over the rope and stuff like that).

He has never really liked to wear one, the only time he was wearing it is when we were riding at the indoor skatepark because it was mandatory. But yes, he grew up so much in the last year, he’s now taller than me (not too hard though) !

If he doesn’t, I will.


Very nice vid’ thank you !! :wink:

Dude that was really bada$$. Notoriously good music too.

You are really good. That stuff scares me to try. I seriously recommend guards and a helmet. It’s much cooler to be safe than to not wear the gear. Protect yourself.

Good job.


Love this video!!! I actually really like his flippy style, I think it works really well for the obstacles that he was using. Great :slight_smile: