[Street and Trials] Chicago Uni 3

Here it is on google video.

I’m trying to compress it now so I can put it on the gallery (hopefully a lot better quality) and youtube.

Enjoy! Comments much appreciated!
I didn’t have time to get some better crankflip shots/lines since it has started snowing. I can do them off 1 sets and almost 2 now.

Cool, you are getting good at SIF trials.

I think the song got screwed up part way in. It almost sounded like you had the song playing twice and it was overlapped.

2:17 millenium park!!

and the snow melted no excuse

we need another chicago ride when its warmer

oh and you ar definitely my unicycle hero

thats just the song. i was gonna use that song when i do a full video, oh well:o

amazing video though decent hopping, liked the playground, looked like fun.

Im making a year in vid and have chosen the music I am going to use already, if someone else uses it before me I think Im just going to use it anyway :o

Man that was awesome. You’re really good.

I liked how you were riding on that wall and you had to jump and you got to that bit where you jumped switch. Most people would have hopped so they were regular, but you just jumped up switch.

Nice work.

I can’t see the end though. It keeps stuffing up.

I thought no one would notice that, That made my day, Thanks

I notice everything, nothing passes me by without me noticing.

I guess you street riders look closely at all that stuff;).


Yeah, That was the only line I got before we got kicked out :(.

nice vid!

were you at Naucc this past summer by any chance?

Nope! I really wanted too but I went to Cameroon, Africa from June to the end of July to help Aids orphans.

Any chance you can put it on youtube? It kept stuffing up when I tried to play it. What I saw looked real good though.

In mid spring I’ll be 14 and my mom will porbably let me travel downtown with my uni. We should really get a ride with a lot of people up in the spring.

Good video btw, way better than me, how long have you been riding?

Your best video yet :).

Switchfoot rules! After Relient K.

Good riding you are a good street and trials rider…

Good for you going to Africa to help aids.

Keep it up


Nice vid. Your trials lines look a lot more relaxed.


Awesome vid, awesome song. Straight up awesome.

nice vid. i think everything flowed quite nicely.

Thanks for the comments guys!
I’m having problems compressing it and stuff so who knows when it will be on Youtube:(

Finally on Youtube and the Gallery!!! Sorry for it being so late:o



sick video dude!!!

I am getting a trials uni and the snow is melting!!! I feel like singing right now.