Stree/Flat Pat & Eli

Video of me and eli brill

just realized i spelled street wrong lol

Though Eli had some more technical tricks and longer combos, I was most impressed by the fact you did what you did on a DX.

You guys got good too quickly.

yeah it sucked trying to do stuff on it. I destroyed my kh rim and my new one is coming tomorrow but he wanted to make a video. I would of had way more technical stuff in here if i had my kh but oh well ill save it for the next video :wink:

great riding and music

i love fullvarialflips they look so flow:D

Nice flat riding!

Nice vid, blech quality, great song, great riding.

Donno if I asked this yet, but Pat, are you going to be at NAUCC?

yeah im going

Nice riding.

in-in stuff looked really good.

Props on doing it all on a DX.

Y’all should hit up some bigger sets. I’m sure you guys can do some techy stuff down 3 and 4 sets instead of just a two… and also probably some nice not as techy stuff down 5+ sets.

Thanks for all the comments. I see you cleaned up your fullvarialflips :roll_eyes:

As for the stair thing. Pat has been busting it up on some bigger sets. I need to work on it:p

well in a video i did before i treyflipped a 3 set and the 4 set i have is pretty sketchy cuz theres not much room for a landing. and i crankfliped and 180’d my 5

i just did like a full 180 on my fullvarialflip like 10 min ago.
you just gotta grow a set and hit stuff down stairs lol

wow!!! you guys are INSANE!:D:D

Very, very nice guys. You two are definitely standing out above the rest of the up’n’coming top riders.

Nice inwardvarial flips, weird trick with your stance.

Go to a skatepark and make a proper vid :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys are great, really. Go somewhere else to film, other than your back patio and backyard though. Keep it up.

But all that traveling would take away learning new tricks time.:stuck_out_tongue:

For real tho, guys, great work with all those tricks, getting techy. New locations would be dope.

wow nice riding;) i mostly liked the inwardvarialflip :astonished:

Wow, great video.

Your guys are amazing. Absolutely amazing on the Torker DX too.

Can’t wait to see more :slight_smile:


thanks for all the comments :wink: