Strava KOMs

Anybody else got one on a unicycle? Had to share this one I just took OK, so only 6 other people have ridden it, but presumably all of them were on bikes. I actually walked a bit of that and amazed I took the KOM by so much, but I guess I now climb at a decent rate on my muni.

Nice work! I use Strava to track my rides too. I like being able to see what my friends are riding. The other day I noticed that I ranked 44th out of 92 people on a section that I had never ridden my muni on. I thought for sure I would be the slowest out of everyone.

I’m usually among the last on segments I ride on uni, but I have some segments planned to try, where I may be somewhere in the middle of the list, so we’ll see :slight_smile:

if you want to win a few more KOM’s on your uni but don’t have the legs to beat those silly bikes you can always cheat…


OMG that takes all the fun… good I have seen my friends doing some KOMs on our favorite segments so I know that they are really that strong :wink:

I nearly wrote something like that myself (I have an app to change the laps in a GPX/TCX file, and changing the timing is fairly trivial) - slightly disappointed that I got beaten to it. Not really a lot of point for cheating on Strava though - I had different uses in mind.