Strangest Comments you've recieved?

In my school’s public speaking contest, I am doing my speech on unicycliing.
one of my subtopics is public reaction to unicycles. I have the classic questions like “wheres your other wheel?” and “Are you in the circus?” I’ve only gotten one strange comment but my teacher thinks its inappropriate so what is the weirdest question or comment you’ve ever recieved while on a unicycle?

Go to the QUOTE OF THE DAY (non-uncyclist) thread and you will have pages to choose from.

Look in the “Quote of the day (from non riders)” thread. there are plenty in there.

One i got a while back. “police station is that way if you want to report half a bike stolen”
Me “No thanks I’m happy with this half”

My all time favorites:

As a policeman passed me, while I was zig-zaging on my 36", “I should arrest you for DWI”.

Another, while I was passing a guy and girl, the guy put his thumb out as if to hitch hike, “I told him I could find room for the girl, but he was out of luck”.

Then the best one of all, is that women exclaiming to Harper*, “My, that is a big one”.

  • riding his 36" wheel.

Can I guess this is “Doesn’t that hurt your balls?”. That’s what I heard on a few occasions.

One comment I particularly liked (though not really strange) was a 6 y.o. girl looking puzzled at me riding by, then turning to her Mom and asking “But isn’t that just impossible?”.

I’ve been asked if I was a street performer before.

Most strange are the people (sometimes kids and sometimes actually adults) who don’t know what a unicycle is. They shout “Look, it’s a tricycle!”, “Look, it’s a cyclops!”, and “Look, it’s a unicorn!”.

“you’re gay”

that one had my confused about my sexuality for a couple months…

Just about a week into learning to ride, I was riding in the park around dusk. A lady came up to me and started giving me tips. My favorite was “it’s all about controlling your hips”.

While riding to work this morning a group ride flew past me, about 20 riders. One of the lead riders shouted “Hop in behind, we’ll draft you.”

(“Drafting” is what bike riders used to call “slipstreaming”)

I guess you indeed hopped in behind that group of 20 unicycles. But what’s so strange about their comment? :slight_smile: