Storing my uni outdoor?

Hello everyone,
I wondered how badly I’m damaging my 36" uni by leaving it outdoors on the balcony.
Ideally, I would have a garage, but unfortunately, that’s not the case, and there is no chance for me to keep it in the flat :frowning:
I gave a thorough look today, and I don’t see any rust. Hopefully, I will be able to keep things that way!
I would be thrilled to hear if you have any advice on protecting it, even when exposed to the elements.

I should have mentioned My uni is a Nimbus 36 oracle old-style frame, with disc brake, nimbus isis aluminium hub :grimacing:

As long as it’s not directly in the rain, it will be just fine. You will likely get a few small bits of rust on bolt heads etc.and some slightly corroded looking aluminum, but that’s only a cosmetic issue, not a structural one.

If you happen to live very close to the sea, saltwater can cause a bit more corrosion, in that case I would highly recommend using grease or assembly paste on all threads, around the bearings and where the seatpost slides into the frame.

Aaah, that’s a relief! I would love to live by the sea, as kitesurfing is another big passion of mine, but unfortunately (and fortunately for the uni) the sea is at least 100km from here :joy:

Put a tarp over it.

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As long as it is keep cleaned there should be no problem. Either an automotive or paste wax on all painted and metal surfaces will help to prevent minor corrosion due to condensation. Also a sun blocking cover would protect the tire and painted surfaces if exposed to direct sunlight.

Here is a cheap and easy solution. They also make small tents.

So one thing to note about the bike covers, make sure to get one that is breathable or has some way for air to circulate. If moisture gets under the tarp and get trapped there is can do just as much damage as being left in the rain


The most important question is what climate? Hot? Cold? Humid?

I store a load of unicycles outside in a covered but well ventilated location in here in the UK and I’ve had no problems, not even rust, as it’s well ventilated.

Thanks for all the input!
I live in London, so plenty of humidity but reasonably ventilated.

It looks like we will be getting a shed/tent solution for the balcony, it will be great for the uni and bikes as well. Thanks for sharing those btw, I was unaware of their existence.


Best of luck, it can be done but you’re doing your homework to avoid the risks.

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