Stop The Spamming

Hi there I was just wondering if are getting as annoyed as I am with all these non-unicycle related and possibly fake shoe and sports clothing companies that keep posting in all the forums under names such as:,, etc…

Unless this site is in some way affiliated with them, which I highly doubt we should all help out as we can to get rid of this problem (by pressing the red triangle with exclamation mark to report the spam posts).

Just hoping to find out the general consensus on the subject as spamming can put a lot of strain on the admin in many fourm websites

ahem This is kinda spam here because it shouldn’t be in RSU but… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeh, spam is annoying and it would be easily cleaned if one regular member was given rights to delete them.

How come the moderators don’t delete them? I would’ve thought that it was their job to do so.

ya all the spam is getting really annoying, is there no way to block it completely, as this is not something i’ve encountered on other forums i belong to…

No offense to anyone, but this is one of the most badly moderated forums I’ve been on. I know. I’ve said things that should have been deleted almost instantly, and as far as I know they are still there.

Cant We All Just Over Look It And Not Worry About It.
Its Not Like It Bothers Us.
Just Dont Respond.

:o thats a good point, ooh the irony… but the spam does tend to be mainly posted in this section because it gets more views than the others so i thought it was relavent

and yep that is their job but we can make the job a bit easyer by clicking the spam button, it saves them trawling through every post

I’ve just had a look for the spam (so that I can click the spam button, to help the moderators) but I can’t find any of them now.

We should start a petition to make Jerrick, JC, Harper, and John Foss .etc moderators.

Yah, we should, I can’t believe that this forum only has 1 or 2 mods, it’s crazy. Someone should just make a thread and have anyone who agrees with this, just post and maybe it’ll happen, you never know.

It could be worse though. Not sure if you guys have ever seen the facepunch studios forums but my friend showed it to me and the moderators have what looks like “who can ban more people” fights. If you just look at a topic with over 15 posts I’ll bet you’ll find someone who’s banned. And they penalize you for misspellings.

Then again, free speach is a good thing :roll_eyes:

Use the “Repot Bad Post” button.

No offense to Jerrick, but I’d say only the last three are qualified to become moderators.

Many discussions have been had on this subject, theres many ways to moderate forums. There is the laid back approach Gilby is taking and then there is the strict approach. Either way there will be complaints.

The spam is always deleted, sometimes it just takes a few hours for Gilby to get to it. I really don’t think its a huge issue. All you need to do is is click the report bad post button and it will be gone soon enough.

You are all moderators, use this . If people are misbehaving, send them a PM. If you are misbehaving, moderate yourself. :slight_smile:

Before harley on 1 wheel posted this he PMed me and I then looked for spam in RSU, and there was a buildup of it. I don’t check RSU very often, which means I don’t see it very soon, but I do check my email very often, so use that report post function and I’ll get to it quickly. The buildup was the result of nobody reporting it.

The recommended moderators above are all on the west coast in the US and it seems that the spam comes in mostly in the early morning here, so it’d be before they got up in the morning. If another person is needed to remove spam, then it should be someone in Europe, Asia, Africa, or Australia.

Im usually up till 5-6am in the morning. I catch a lot of it that comes up, and usually report all of it I see. This last week I have slacked off a little, but only because I havent been on most of the forums, and just staying in MR.

No offense taken, Brian. I kinda laugh when people talk about me with moderator status. I think I would be able to do a good job, cause all the debates and stuff I dont mind, and mainly id just watch out for cuss words (and if possible, cahnge the words to silly ones, like fluffy) and spam, and if a flame war gets a bit too out of hand, which rarely happens.



just wondering if there are any real forum members that have a username ending in because it appears that most of the spam on this fourm has that ending on their username:

if this is the case we could get the site moderator(s) to simply write a line or 2 of code preventing any non-members with a username ending in from starting threads.