Stop Docket 482-D(1)!!!

A call to all Uni’s in Virginia: Somehow this one has escaped the press, or maybe the unicyclist community in the Old Dominion isn’t as tight as we could be…for those of you yet to hear, there is a proposal in the Virginia legislature to disallow unicycles in the “bike lanes” on public roads. Why!!! Are unicycles statistically more dangerous than bikes? No. Less so, actually. Have there been incidents of unicyclists getting hit in the bike lane? Yes, but two-wheelers get hit at a much higher rate! I really don’t know what prompted this, but I’m looking into it. Info is very hard to find and as it’s not a bill yet, there’s nothing about it on Lexis-Nexis. I encourage all of you to write to the IUF regarding this discriminatory proposal. Virginians, write to your representatives! Anyone with more detail on this issue, please most.