STOMP Muni Fest @ Oak Mountain State Park in Pelham, AL

We had a great time at the STOMP Muni Fest here at Oak Mountain State Park. We had 10 riders from West Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. We are already making plans for next year. Here is the video!

Nice country. Great riding.

I had an awesome time Wendell and I hope more people come next year! Mr. Streets did an excellent job on the video, I only wish I could watch it on Youtube. I have a local copy, but when I watch and try to share it with others on youtube, I am still getting a block by Sony related to the music. It is odd that some of us are getting blocked and other aren’t. Gotta love digital rights! :thinking:

Nice job on the video! Footage and editing both. All it needed was more… Java!*

Strangely enough, the version I downloaded won’t play, but the youtube works fine.

*that would be my small black dog, running down the trail in one shot.

Nice. :smiley:
The only possible improvement to the vid that comes to mind is higher res. (some shots were very pixalated)

How did u get the chase shots through the more tech terrain? Helmet cam and run after them?