Stomach on seat

I have added some of Dirk Iwema’s advice to the file on riding with your stomach
on the seat. Here is the new version:

Ride with the stomach on the seat for 10 meters

Riding with your seat on the stomach is not very hard, but starting from
standard riding position and returning there after riding in your stomach adds
difficulty to this skill.

  1. You may want to practice riding with your seat on the stomach without
    mounting from the standard position. Climb on while holding onto a wall and
    go. Rest on the seat and put your arms out for balance. Keep your head up as
    high as you can.

  2. When you can ride comfortably with your seat on the stomach, try getting
    there from the standard riding position. You want to pop the seat out, put
    your stomach on it quickly, and let go.

  3. Ride your 10 meters, stand up, and push the seat back in.

Notes and hints:

If you keep your seat high (leg almost straight when the pedal is at its lowest
point), you will want to lower it an inch or two for this trick. This makes a
major difference when replacing the seat.

Don’t hold onto the seat while you ride. If you will do you will find yourself
out of balance since your body will be uneven and it will be harder to rest your
weight on the seat.

Don’t wear baggy pants, since they will get in the way when you replace the

Keep the seat close to your legs while your stomach is on it. It will be easier
this way than if the seat is up towards your chest.

You may find it easier to get the seat out and in if you stop first with the
pedals horizontal, stand up tall and slide the seat out/in while balancing. To
return, grab the seat, straighten back up, and push the seat back in.

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