STOLEN UNI!! and a question

im so sad somone stole my uni when i was in a movie it was locked up and everything i was planning on gatting on a 05 torker dx because its the cheapest splined uni on the market so should i wait to like a month to get it or should i get it now

Get it now…
What would be the advantage to waiting a month?

If the uni means anything to you (like if it’s decent) look into getting it back, of course, lol. We had a uni stolen from us, and we got that back awhile later (2 weeks), I had my camera stolen from me, and got that back in a week. Cops and taking things into our hands is how that works. Buy the uni, but keep an eye out and presue the other uni.

-Shaun Johanneson

Keep an eye on eBay and Craigslist in your area - it was likely a “crime of opportunity” and the person will probably just try to get some cash for it.

Good luck.

well i might be able to get my stollen one back

What kind was it?

it was a norco trials uni with luna tire

Damn I love that uni, I would wait to try and get it. I am almost certain you should be able to get it back, contact your local police aswell, you never know who will find it and i’m sure they could help.

I’m not sure if there’s ever been a premeditated unicycle theft…

there probaly has been at a unicycle convention or somthing

yeah im planning to steel all of the unicycles at BUC im gonna put thenm all on the roof then pick them up in my personal helecopeter but SSSHHHH dont tell any1

Seems kinda weird for a unicycle to be stolen. It may just be me, but that seems like something that would a) be pretty hard to steal (unless you only locked the seatpost and not the wheel) and b) isn’t something easy to get away with (how would they ride away?)

But whatever, I’d say get the DX and keep trying to get yours back. Good luck with that!

no i locked the wheel and the frame and im pretty sure they just stuffed it in there car and if i do find it would i be able to put my luna tire on the 05 version of the dx

nope…net in a million years…the rim is not wide enough and neither is that fame…but you could get the hub from the old dx built onto your existing wheelset… thats what id recomend the biggest tire that will go onto the dx is a 2.2


I’d watch the hospital emergency rooms–hopefully, the jerk will try it and bust his *ss. You could visit him at the hospital and tell him that if he pays you $20–you’ll get the thing out of his sight.

I hope you get it back. Thieves are the lowest life forms.


crank grab thieves’ heads

what colors? any distinctive marks? i would kick someones butt in broad daylight if i caught them stealing a uni. gotta set the precident that theft of uni = severe @$$ whoopin’. i had an expensive bmx bike stolen right after i bought it when i was 13. i hate theives.

they will just stick it to their bedroom wall as a trophey