Stolen Nimbus 36"

Just wanted to alert anyone in Utah or neighboring states about a 36" Nimbus that was stolen from Nicholas here in Salt Lake City, Utah. So if anyone sees a suspicious listing in your local classifieds or here on the forums, please say something. Nicholas has a list of pawn shops he is calling weekly, as well as keeping an eye on Craigslist and our local classifieds, but I thought I’d say something here in case the thief tries to dump it here or through the classifieds of another community in the region.

What scum. Sorry to hear.

My 6 year old’s bike was stolen from in front of our house recently. I feel your pain.

I hope it isn’t recycled, that would be a huge waste…

Stolen Unicycle Recovered! Against all odds!

Unbelievably, the owner recovered his stolen unicycle yesterday. It showed up on the local classifieds, so the owner arranged to meet the would-be seller. Cops swooped in, grabbed it, and returned it to the rightful owner. The person trying to sell it claimed they bought it at a swap meet in December. That woulda been kinda hard to do, since it was only stolen a month ago.

The rightful owner is one HAPPY CAMPER! Talk about beating the odds. Amazing! :slight_smile:

Unicylist 1
Scumbag 0

What a result.
Hope the cops were not too rough with the culprit. :smiley:

I’ve noticed several owners have recovered their unicycles, but I’d guess most don’t. I wonder what the common factors were in recovering their lost unicycles.

btw… that is great the uni was found/returned! If I was in charge of the universe, I’d require in addition of return of the cycle to the owner, the thief at minimum do service hours of the owner’s choice equal to the price of the uni and pay the owner the cost of the uni. …that’s if I was in charge of the uni verse. The other option would be jail time, but tax payers have to pay for that…

Sweet! I’d been keeping my eyes out, but gave up on Craigslist. I’m glad Nicholas did not. It is so unlikely to actually recover stolen bikes (and I assume unicycles as well). It makes me very happy that this one resolved well. Thanks for the update, Cliff.

Yes, the officer assigned to manage this case told Nicholas that he had never recovered a stolen unicycle before. :slight_smile: