Stolen Muni- want another WANTED

This is what I had and I’m looking for something comprable-
(or better) but i am willing to go smaller/bigger

Semcycle XL 26-inch with Sun Mammoth Rim & Kovachi Wheel (out of stock)
The popular Semcycle XL frame is enhanced with a substantial wheel upgrade.
Item # UNSXL26KBFR-69

my mail:
san jose ca.

If you like 26 inch wheels I’d go for broke and buy this: FOR SALE: 26" Profile Muni

Got posted just a few days ago. More expensive, but worth it.

im sell mine

How are you goin bro… Sucks u lost ur MUni. Ive just put my MUni for sale on ebay. I reckon you could get it really cheap, let me know if you just want to buy it and ill end the auction. Here is the link, you can also find a post in this forum that is subjected mean muni 26" etc…

Regardless here is the link

best of luck mate