Stolen, kh36

Seems someone’s out to get unicycles recently.

After Dave had two stolen recently, my 36er was taken on Saturday.

Stolen from outside The Tetley in Leeds between 13:45 and 16:30. Locked up and in a fairly public location with extra foot traffic that day due to an event (that I was also going to).

Still waiting on the CCTV footage.

Link to the Stolen-Bikes page.

I’ve done the usual checking in rivers and a half mile around the location it was taken over two days but no luck yet. At least if it was thrown in the river, they do float very well so maybe it’ll turn up in a few weeks just needing new bearings :smiley:

I’m not sure you want to replace it with the exact same model as it is always fun to change/upgrade but the 2014 KH36 frame is on sale at qu-ax web site at half the price 42 €


That’s only the 29" frame, they don’t appear to have the 36" frame in stock.

I’ve got a discount code and some money off UDC UK anyway so if it comes to it, I’ll likely buy new from there.

That sucks. Hope the CCTV sheds some info. And a survey of craigslist/gumtree/ebay…

oops sorry I bought one 36 on Friday, it’s why I passed the info.

I hope you enjoy it!