Stolen KH36

Please keep a look out for a stolen KH 36. It was stolen out of the back of my truck on Sunday November 2 in Cleveland OH. :angry: It had the new KH 36frame a purple T7 handle with the back cut off, a KH seat post, a black/blue Freeride saddle, Maqura hydraulic brake with braded cable, and a KH/Schlumpf muni hub.

Sorry to hear that! Sounds like a fairly recognizable ride, unless they’ve started uni chop-shops. How many bike thieves can ride a uni, much less a 36er? Get the word out locally, newspapers, pawn shops and such. Seems to me you have a fair chance to get her back. Good luck.


Keep an eye out at your pawn shops, your towns listings on craigslist, and ebay. Even bike shops. Actually, if the guys at your bikeshops are as nice and uni-accepting as the guys over here in Spokane, tell them about it, and they will look out for you as well, and ask their costumers.

I hope you find it and get it back. Thats a great uni, and most likely, whoever stole it has no clue about it besides the fact it looked nice.

Bike thieves suck.

this happened to a friend of mine, CHECK EBAY!

Oh. I guess lesson learned too, right? Even though its a unicycle (an expensive unicycle),
it isnt the best idea to leave it in the open bed of your truck. People will take things that they
no nothing about, just because it looks expensive. If it looks expensive,they know
they will probably get some cash from it.

Ill be checking craigslist and ebay when I can. And again, I really hope you get this back.
Bring some justice to the guy. Cops may care about this, they may not, but it doesnt hurt to try.

I have a google alert (daily) for unicycle postings on all craigslist sites (I started it when Tom Holub’s guni disappeared from a flight), and will keep an eye out for your uni. What a shame.

yah, some time between November 5th and 7th I had my guitar and bow stolen out of the back of my totaled off Jeep. Lots of stuff in a vehicle with no back window in a sketchy part of town for almost two weeks, It says something that they lasted that long. I am hoping to get the bow back but am not even going to try for the guitar.

Let us know if your uni pops up, good thing they are not popular yet eh? especially with the customized T7 and Schlumpf hub they will probably have trouble trying to sell it without having a few eyebrows raised. It should prove a lot harder to sell for the thief (and a lot easier to prove that it is yours) than my old Yamaha acoustic.

I think there’s a very good chance it’ll be spotted by someone sooner or later.
I ID my unis by engraving part of my licence number on the uni. It would be info to give the bike and pawn shops and police. It shows clearly in the photo with the flash on, but you can’t see it unless you’re right up to it. And it also takes 2 or 3 grains of weight of the uni!