Stoker stem and crank shorteners FS on eBay

I’ve just listed 2 items on eBay.

this thread.

Second is a pair of crank length shorteners. These screw in where your pedal would go (clamp on to your existing cranks), and allow the pedals to be attached closer to the center of rotation. This allows a young child to pedal the back of a tandem that otherwise might be a bit too large. Or allows one to try different crank lengths. They have 4 different pedal holes, allowing the cranks to be effectively shortened by 24, 41, 59 or 76 mm. These are the wider type, and adjust for cranks up to 43mm wide. They retail for over $100 new. All pedal threads are in working order.

Wooo I’m the current high bidder in both!

grr i would bid against you on the crank thingys but i don’t have an E-bay account +am too lazy…

EDIT: i bet steveyo has one of those hidden minimum price thingys…

Umm…if I did then a) I would have told people here that I did, and b) it would say “Reserve Price Not Met” on the auction.

…too lazy, indeed. There’s a big world out there, hobo_chuck. Learn stuff.

i meant too lazy to make an E-bay account… :astonished:
…and seeing as i don’t have one of course i didn’t know it would say"reserve price not met"

Well, you were rather accusing me blindly then, no? Sorry, Chuck. I never use the Reserve Prices, as I find fewer people will bid on an item if there is a “hidden” reserve. I know it makes me not bid on something if I see a reserve price.

well, isn’t the current bid 12 cents on the crank shorteners?

note: i wasn’t accusing you…

12 cents! Sweet! I’m gonna be livin’ large. :wink:

damn that 23 cents for the two is gonna be breaking my bank.

But seriously who bids like 11 cents. Thats just lame sauce.