Stockholm - Sveavagen

So I’m sitting in the window of a sandwich shop… and I see a unicyclist passing!
So was that anyone out here?

20 inches? Trials? ROllo Disks? Describe it!

Looked like a 20" trails. Young rider, male, helmet with visor, which may have been red, but it was too dark and quick to see more details.

Why not ask on the Swedish unicycling forum?

Like most national fora I didn’t expected it to be very active.
Following your link learned me I was right about that; do you see any post in December?
So I found it more worth the effort to start a treath here with a very specific description.

It is very active and has many entries in December. You read the numbers wrong. I posted a link on that forum to see if we get any replies. What are you doing in Sweden?

It could have been Niklas Jonsson…

but he’s not living in stockholm, more like 600km north from sthlm. :roll_eyes:

Not me I havent ridden on Sveavägen since the summer, its not far away but not where i ride. Are you in Stockholm now? Coz if you are there is Uni training not far away.