Stock Aluminium Bearing Brackets, $15 ea.

Steve’s thoughtfull details regarding the use of shaft collars as bearing housings lead me on a search for a supplyer. Bellow is a link to one. The 38mm inside diameter aluminium collars are one hole saw plunge away from being bearing brackets. Adds $30 to production costs, but eliminates a major fabrication step… might be effective for a one off.

“Who’s the well machined collar that can hold you tight?” - “Shaft!”


You killed your link
Yah, this is the good link for the cool collars

or you could just use the 40mm ones they advertise :smiley:

But then you wouldn’t have a lip on one side of the bearing holder to help hold the bearing in place.

It looks like my DM Vortex frame uses a similar shaft collar for its bearing holder. But DM machines out the inside so there is a lip on both sides of the bearing rather than just one lip on one side.

You’ze da Man, Childs. :slight_smile:

I got to juggling the link and fat brained it when looking up the Shaft lyrics. Thanx!