matt has just fallen off his stilts after falling over his uni. he is just about to go to a+e he thinks he has broken his wrists!

has anyone else had any injuries on stilts or on their unicycle?

not really… the only time I’ve fallen off stilts was when the feet on them had been worn away and I was walking on a polished floor…
Stilt walking can definitely be a dangerous game though.

Hope it’s not too serious.

If you use the search button you will find some of photos of Unicycle injuries on this forum, best not be eating at the same time.

Was the Uni just lying on the ground and got tripped over? Personally I hate riding in the vicinity of stilt walkers and they should be equally nervous of Unicyclists. In parades I am always happier if there is a reasonable gap between the two groups.

Hopefully the injury is not serious, your post reminded me of something I have been wanting to try with my 6YO for the last few months, hopefully a picture is attached.


Anyone else look at that picture and think bad idea?

a grownup trying it is one thing… a 6 year old may not be the smartest.

a grownup is liable for their own actions, a 6 year old can’t quite see the damage that could follow :wink:


i thought that was a great idea!

Nah the boy is good enough :wink:


What you can’t see in the photo is the drag brake was fully engaged, there was absolutely no way he was going to be allowed to ride, even though he wanted to :slight_smile: I get nervous enough watching him riding his 16".

With me holding the handle he tried pedalling which was challenging enough, it soon became obvious why humans evolved with knees halfway up the leg rather than say a third of the way.

The original reason I wanted to sit him on the Coker was after seeing a stilt walker on a very tall bike. It left me wondering if an adult on very short stilts could ride an extremely large wheel, the cheapest experiment was to use a standard wheel and to scale down the human.


I’ve always wondered about doing the same kind of thing, stilts a standard unicycle with the seat about as far off the ground as on a giraffe.


one day maybe…

Are those stilts duct taped to his legs, or what?

Speaking of stilts…
did any of you get the power risers?

Re: stilts

Someone should photoshop that post away so that we can say “Oh yeah, 6
year olds can ride Cokers, don’t you know?”

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wouldnt you be grumpy if somone just said you had PMS? - jagur

He could jut wheel walk… Silly.

Stilt Unicycling

We are planning a five man sequential attempt to ride a unicycle while wearing stilts on Wednesday, 18 May 05 at 7:00pm in the Nanaimo Park Community centre in Ottawa. The pro stilts we will be using are adjustable from 18 to 36" lift and we’ll be using a Coker 36" with a 36" seat post equalling a 6ft giraffe in height at full extension. We also have a six inch seat post extender on stand-by provided our legs can still reach the pedals. We’ll post photos if we survive. We’ll post lots of photos if we don’t.

drkaboom said:
We’ll post photos if we survive. We’ll post lots of photos if we don’t.

Photos from beyond the grave?

insert Twilight Zone theme -
- doo dee doo doo, doo dee doo doo

I think I remember some welsh guy, Russel Wells, riding round on a 2 wheeler giraffe unicycle with cranks fitted to the bottom wheel whilst wearing Durastilts when Unicon was held in Britain.

He managed the first lap of the hall (with the help of the Sem brothers) without misadventure, it was the second lap when he fell and broke his arm


What kind of stilts? The strap-ons are unquestionably dangerous, but the kind you hold with your hands and simply stand on are pretty tame. I used to have a pair, and they were fun, but fairly limited.

they were the strap on ones! but he hasn’t broken them just really badly bruised them.

Glad there are no breaks, how high were the stilts? The lady I saw last year in a smart stilt length evening dress was wearing wrist guards, they looked out of place but they are a good idea.


I first got wrist guards when I was stilt walking, along with hard shell knee pads. I dug them out again when I got more into muni.

Have you tried stilt football?