Stilts on a Unicycle

Just a quick one clip video of a trick I learnt last year… but with juggling!

I have a big edit of tricks coming soon - so if you want to see that, maybe, subscribe?!

Nice how long did it take to learn it? Sick:)

Thanks for posting this! I’ve thought about the possibility of this and it’s great to actually see it in action. What’s the uni that you use?

Last summer I remember being ridiculously scared on my first few attempts and then I spent two 10 hour days in a sort of alley way so I couldn’t really fall… After that I felt confident enough to try it in the open. Still too scared to try a freemount though…

It’s a Nimbus Eclipse but with an adapted seat post that comes in three parts so it needs three seat clamps.

Wow, that is scary, amazing to watch!