Still Stand in Standard Routine legth

How long do you have to stillstand in a standard routine?

Im pretty sure it has to be at least 3 seconds. On this site it has alot of videos and the standard skill list. The video for a still stand shows it being down for three seconds. Here’s the video.

If that doesn’t work try this.

what do you mean? I’ve never heard of needing to stillstand in a routine before…

Go to and scroll down to the stationary skills. It says still stand is a 3.8.

Re: Still Stand in Standard Routine legth

You can check the rule book available here:
USA Rule Book:
IUF Rule Book:

The rule book says the minimum time for a stillstand is 3 seconds. This is for standard skill routines.


If you’re doing a stillstand in your Standard Skill routine, I’d recommend that you are able to do it during practice for at least 10 seconds. This may seem like a really long time, but it is easy in Standard Skill to get points knocked off for: moving your arms around; starting the skill, then slightly losing the balance and restarting the skill; moving your wheel before the 3 seconds are up, etc.

There is only a few people in the world that I’d recommend adding that skill to their routine, and they can stillstand for over 10 minutes!

If you’re looking for skills to add to your routine other than stillstand, I can offer a few ideas.

2005 NAUCC Standard Skill Chief Judge