Stiff Seat Solution Other Than CF?

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Its me again bitchin about something else. Well im killing my kh seats right and left, i killed both my myaitas with cracks in the front and back of the bases and folded one and folded my muni kh seat. I am too poor toafford carbon fiber right now, and its way to expencive in the first place, can you guys think of a slightly cheaper solution other than carbon fiber for me? I am building a front stiffner/Reinforcement for my kh seat but i dont know how well it will hold. I would get the Myaita seat and put in the gb4 plate but i think i would crakc the back of the base. I was also pondering possibly making an aluminum base and practily making my own seat…Any Ideas???

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Are you looking for stiffness, or strength? The two are very different, and seeing as you’re complaining about snapping seats i think it’s strength that you need, in which case a steel ‘stiffener’ plate will serve you better than an aluminium one, which is stiffer but weaker. having seen one at first hand, the GB4 is a chunky piece of kit, one of those in a KH would make a very solid saddle i think.

You could use a steel base from a viscount or similar cheap saddle. I did this and just had to drill new holes to bolt the kh handles on the front.

Super stiff, super strong, weighs a bit tho.


the strengnth -> weight ratio depends entirely on how much you want to spend.

If I where you, I’d take Dark Tom’s advice. Or, you might want to wait and see what Kris Holm comes up with for 06’.

Viscount. Mod it and it will last. Its heavy but worth it. Just which out the foam for an intertube. You could even drill it to fit other seat post sizes.

you could use the Miyata Stiffener Plate…
it’s very heavy, but I expect it would work to strengthen it.

Hmm…I think i might go with a viscount…yeah i ment i need a strong seat. Has anyone broken a viscount?

and while you’re at it, start saving up, slowly even, for a carbon fiber base. it’ll be well worth it in the long run. you’ll be saving on weight, while increasing strength, too.

keep in mind, too, that people do break carbon bases. i’m sure you’ve heard of this before. it’s really rare, and is usually due in part to more abusive riding (and by this i’m talking about crash-wise, or even skills like say a 12ft drop to flat) where the end of the limit of most of our strongest components is.

evan (dunbar)

I have the GB4 with a Torker saddle and it is very strong. The stiffener plate does its job well.

From what you’re saying, it will probably pay for itself rather quickly by your not having to keep replacing saddles and seat bases.

Will those GB4 Miyata stiffeners work OK in a KH?

that’s exactly what i’m saying. save up little by little (and especially because he’s 13 right?)…and just go all out and get a scott wallis set-up. lose as much weight as you can in that area of the unicycle.

i’m now a complete advocate of the thompson/wallis seat base. and more power to those people like ryan and zack that can make a seat so they don’t need rails on their own. (I like my sif grips, though!)

Right now, the only things that flex on my uni are my tire and seat foam…

regualr KH? i think so. fusion? no. but there are some that work with the fusion. i have one. it rocks. it’s easily 2x as stiff as the stock on. my fusion flexed like crazy until i got the GB$ plate in there.

That doesnt matter. YOur talking to the kid who has a profile trials, a KH trials, a Koxx street/trials, and who knows what else…

and like a $200 BC Wheel…

since when does evan ever have to pinch pennies?

edit: hahahaha someone beat me to it!

$200 BC wheel yeah, I think he sold his $400 one though.