I have like five of these stickers and I have no idea where I should put them. Help me.


I don’t have a car, I live in a dorm.


put 'em on other people’s cars, DUH!.

Nah, not really. A nalgene has one of mine, our car, and I don’t remember where the others went.

put them on a binder. you are in college. or on your door.

Or on your wall.

Or on your bath tub. (lol)

I may put one on my door, I don’t have a binder but I like the idea, and other people’s cars would be awesome. The only problem is I’m the only unicyclist at my school so I would be the only suspect.

On your computer monitor or laptop (assuming it’s not too shiny and new :p)

Isnt this what cop cars are for?

You can alter the stickers you have and make then into something that you really want to use! If you have enough stickers you can get rather creative! Customized uni bumper stickers!

I changed one to say just “Unicycle”. Or how about “Unicycle MOM”, or … there are many possibilities. :roll_eyes:

The excess trim or cuttings can be alters and used for extra custom designs

i have kept the stickesr from everything ive ever orderd.i have 6 and i just push pinn them to my wall, i hope to 1 day havle like 3 in thing sticking out of my wall just from the stickers, 1 day mabey

send them back and demand a refund.

someone on here will have the photo of it… but there is the custom van paint (well sticker) job if you managed to get a couple more of them :slight_smile:

Keep them. One day, when Google fails and takes over the world, those will be legal tender.

I found it :slight_smile: you only need 645 more to do it…


That van rules like no other has in the history of time.

I did that, so it says Unicycle.

I also colored the white writing red, it looks pretty cool…

I put one in my 3 ring binder for school (the kinda binders witht the clear plastic on front to put stuff in) and kids in school always say “you unicycle???” It never gets old when i say yes and they go “WHOA!”. but just about everyone at schoool knows me for my unicycling