THREE STICKERS LEFT! Stickers for sale! I designed them to look like a trail sign, and you can stick them on your car, water bottle, etc… Comment/message me to order. They are 3" x 3", $3 each. Happy New Year, keep riding! :smile: :uni:


Not PM’ing cause others may want to know. Do you take Paypal?

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Yes, I send an invoice via PayPal.

Visa Cards?

I don’t take Visa Cards, sorry, but I send PayPal invoices.

oh okay :frowning:

You can pay with a visa card using PayPal without actually having a PayPal account. I accept credit cards for my clients through PayPal. Only the receiver needs an account

@WeaponizedBacon Huh, interesting, I didn’t know that. Thank you!

I have two stickers left if you’d like to buy them.

Hey Cedar-tree,
If you are planning to make more stickers, I might suggest that you redraw the logo to “show the brake and brake handle”. It would really differentiate from the logo, which doesn’t show any brakes.

As we know, 99% of all down-hillers use brakes. Except myself(by choice…I like the workout) and some beginners(who haven’t figured it out yet). So, true muni’s would definitely recognize the brakes in the logo.

Keep on…slam

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@slamdance Thanks for the suggestion, that’s a good idea. I just sold out on these stickers and when I print new ones, adding the brake would be a good addition.

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