Steve Howard EUC 10 Video!


I just found this cool EUC vid in my Vimeo suggestions box!

Check it out:

Thanks to Steve for that!


yeaaaah very cool

That’s a very cool vid! Thx for sharing!

thx for sharing

That video was amazing. By far my favorite video of euc. It flowed so well and it just made my whole body tingle. AWESOME

Really great video that Steve did, I like it much!

You also find it on utv :smiley:

yes, very nice vid. just missed cedrics street run, is it somewhere on tape?

I’m sure we have some stuff from Cedric but the final EUC video is not edited completely now, as we use 3 Cameras its again a lot of work for Jim. Once it is ready I_'m sure you find also Cedric in it.

Jim? As in Sinco Jim?


Yeah, we do have footage from Cedric… Some cool stuff!

Jim is editing everything… and it’s probably going to be awesome! Olaf gave special attention to this year filming and we had great equipment and 3 cams almost all the time… it was pretty fun to film, and as Jim have crazy editing and filming skills, it’s going to be epic! I can’t wait to see the final project :smiley:

This video is great, I’m looking forward to the Sinco edit:)

I watched this video another time.
I must say: I really think that the STREET rules need a little more changing so that people cannot do flatland on the manny pads.
I’m not against something like treyflip up to one foot riding on the manny pador flip up to sidewayswheelwalk to monkeykick off.
I’m against something like treyflip up, hop hop hop, 540-90-360-90, hop hop hop, doubleflip off the many pad.

that was awesome

Yeah thats ridiculous. Street is about having flow

I don’t necessarily agree with that. I think that whatever the obstacles are will dictate what the riders will do and what they think will look good, and then the judges get to decide if they get points for it. You can’t stop people from doing that stuff, especially since most riders don’t ever read the rules anyway.

Loved the video though, I thought the filming was great. I can’t wait to see Sinco’s!

yea i dont think u can force people stop doing flat on street obstacles. but if u hav good judges which dont give them any points for the flatland (like specified at unicon), then maybe those riders will eventually get the message that its street and not flat

Just looks rediculous. People hogging the obstacles doing long, boring, flat combos

Flat tricks do not look good during a STREET competition. Regarding people who don’t read the rules we have a nice quote in German: “Unwissenheit schützt vor Strafe nicht” which means that you will be judged according the rules even if you don’t know about them - that’s simply YOUR fault.

Haha harsh but awesome