Stepping up

What are your thoughts on this? Whats the difference between the disc and rim brakes in price? Been thinking about a nimbus on ebay but only if he gets the brake fixed. Another choice is a 29 nimbus. I decided not to go for gears since its 1700 bucks. Im too hard on a uni to spend that much and only been riding six months. Im ready to step up though.

Here’s a link to a thread about the oregon and some experiences from people that have one:

The new Nimbus Oracles will have disc hubs brakes, I’d take a disc brake over a rim brake any day.

The Oregon is a beast, very specialized, hard to ride, not an every day muni for most people, I only use mine when the trails are nasty and for the rare snow day.

A 29 is harder to master than a smaller wheel, most XC riders tend to prefer it, so a 26er would be a good intermediary step, but you could get the 29er and see how it goes.

KH 29 with a Nimbus disc hub, D Brake adaptor, and disc brake OR wait for the 29 Oracle in the Fall.

I ride alot of grassy downhill area and graveled trail sometimes ride on pavement. I like rocky areas too. I have not gotten into tight turned muddy trails. How would this uni handle for me in these sotuations

Those Oregons really are huge. It rides more like a 29" than a 26". You can bulldozer over a lot of stuff with that wheel. It’s harder to maneuver than a normal 29", but it’s not unrideable. I thought it would be worse and was pleasantly surprised when I tried one. You adapt to what you have. It would probably take a while to get used to, but after that you’d be fine.

I ride a Nimbus 29" for muni. It works for me. No complaints. Actually the newer models make better munis than the one I got a couple of years ago. The Drak looks pretty solid.