Steamboat Springs, CO

Hey everyone! I just got back from Steamboat, and had a great success! Of course, the first thing I wanted to do was ride up the gondola to the top of the mountain, and ride down the difficult mountain bike trail on my muni. When I went to ask, they told me that only ONE guy had ever attempted that before in the history of the mountain, and the only reason they let him go was because he had a hand brake on his MUni. They at first said they wouldn’t let me go without a hand brake, for safety reasons. Being quick with words, and a confident talker from my acting performances, I soon offered to demonstrate my skills, saying that if he though I wasn’t good enough to not let me go. I rode around the commons for him, Did a bunch of hopping off/up curbs, idled, went to the offroad trailhead nearby, rode around, then came back, dismounted gracefully, and asked him again. He was more than impressed, and said he wasn’t sure, and that I would set precedence for future unicycle riders. I was a bit nervous, thinking I might let down unicycle riders for a long time if I were to fail. Being the basis for a decision is always a nerve-racking thing. So, I went up to the top, and came down the mountain at lightning speed. It was indeed difficult terrain at some parts, but my determination kept me going. People were so awe-struck at my pace and skill, that 3 strangers stopped me and asked to take pictures along the way down! It felt great! I made it down the 4.5 mile steep downhill trail without a hitch, and in good time too! I’m not sure my exact time, but I know it was just less than 50 minutes. I went very fast, and it took all my strength from mountain biking over the years to keep my pace. My legs were sore, partly from the fact that I had already ridden down the trail 4 times on my mountain bike for speed before even unicycling that day. Anyway, I’m really curious who the other person was that had the handbreak. So if you have been to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, have a hand brake, and have gone up the gondola and ridden down, let me know! I’d be interested to see how it was for you, we can compare times and such! Alright, that’s kind of a long rant, but I was proud that day.

By the way, anyone who wants to go up the gondola now can, I did the trail well enough that the guy said a little test before hand, and now anyone can go up, hand brake or not.


Thanks for opening up a new trail for the unicycling society. Very diplomatically done, too.

two things
thanx for sharing an achievement so passionately
it read like a dream
thanx for asking permission and not sneaking around
to quote Ali G