"Stealth" Oregon: On the Fly

From 10/25/14.

Q: Who’s going to ride and what are we going to ride?
A: You and I, and U N I!

I also wanted to ask if anyone here has ridden either the Surly “Nate” or “Knard” 3.8 wide tires? I really need to replace the “Larry” I have now. It tends to “wander” and “self steer”, making it hard to control. I’ve heard that those other two tires, especially the Nate, has better grip and is easier to control.

You might want to look at these. Better price and I think Killian likes his.


They look interesting, but out of stock in all colors. Not sure if I want any wider than 3.8, but might be a good option and the price is right.

Get the Nate!!! It is an outstanding tire on a unicycle. I had 1200 miles on my Larry when I made the switch. I am well aware of the Larry’s auto steer. Your going to love the Nate.

I’ve ridden the Nate for 6 months or more and I love it. But, it was my first fat tire so I don’t really have anything to compare it to other than non-fat tires (fat is definitely better for muni). I’ve also been riding the Lou recently and it has noticably more traction and “squish” which can be both a good thing and bad thing.

The On-One tires are relatively heavy for their size, well over half a pound more than the Nate.