Starting to train for 70 mile ride from CT to RI

I’m starting to train for a 70 mile ride from CT to RI.

Today was the start of my training for that. I rode 10 miles on a hilly road. It took about an hour so I’m averaging around 10 mph. Google Maps says that it’d take 58 mins on a bike. I’m kinda proud that I did as fast a bike =P

Do you have any ideas on training for a long ride like this? Food and clothing suggestions and any other tips would be a great help!

Out of curiosity, what’s the longest distance you’ve ridden and how long did it take you?

You are taking a bit longer ride, but there are some similar topics you want to look into:

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the “Who has completed a 100 mile ride?” is more like brag thread, but still you can get some contacts there… Who has completed a 100 mile ride?

And how’s your ride, would it be road ride? And will it be supported?

I’ll be riding a Coker V2. Yeah, it’ll be a road ride. As for supported, I’m not sure yet. I think my mom would like that better (as i’m only 16…), although I’d rather do it alone. I’m up to suggestions the support issue.

@vookask thanks for those resources! I’ll take a read through them :slight_smile:

It is an elevation loss (not gain), so that’ll be good. Won’t be too hilly (I’m hoping at least…)