Starting again

I have not been on my unicycle for what seems like ages , don’t know why just stopped doing it. Actual time off about 10 months ish used to do sone type of unicyling either muni or road most days . Just getting interested again . Most of the reason was boredom riding on
my own .anyone else have this much time off and got back into it?

20 years off. Rode 100 feet first time back on. Lovin’ every minute of it, and trying to hook up with others to make it more interesting!

Have a bit of a practice and then go buy a beast of a uni.

You won’t regret it.

Hi Jerome!

So you haven’t ridden pretty much since you were at Cwmcarn with me and Jamie… did we put you off that much? :wink:

Nobody but you can say if you want to ride, but I reckon you used to enjoy it - a couple of pics attached to remind you.

Bit of a way from the Midlands, but you’re welcome to drop in on me any time if you’re ever in the Dartmoor area.

Don’t give up :slight_smile:


I have gone back and forth between sports, but my away times are much longer, usually I work a sport until I find something else I like, then transition.

A couple weeks back I started shifting away from telemark skiing and back to snowboarding after a twenty-five year hiatus. Then last night I started off loading all my whitewater kayaking gear after not paddling the past four years.

I bought a Schlump, so it’s yard sale time :smiley:

It’s easy to get distracted by other things, so just stay busy and enjoy what you do. I like riding unis now, don’t even own a bike anymore, but if I had to guess, there’s probably a bike in my future :o

just been out for first time on my 36er in local woods , i had forgot how much fun it was thanks every one for the encouragement it was just what i needed
(rob i think those pictures spurred me on alot thanks for posting them ,i might take you up on a unicycling in dartmoor just got to get back into it )