Stack It up Trials![Inter]

I dont know if anyone did a Stack it up Trials yet, but I thought it could be cool. So, it works like that, we’ll say I’m doing a 60cm sidehop, someone else can do 60cm sidehop onto a skinnie… At the end it will be a really long trials line!!:smiley: Anyway, I’ll post something up soon, I’ll have to do something for it first:) If anyone want to start go ahead…

I dont really know if there’s any rules to stack it up, exept you have to do everything in one clip…

…without falling off your uni between the tricks or holding on to something.

Sounds like a great idea. :slight_smile:

Good idea ill play

If I can do the tricks. :slight_smile:

I’ll play sounds like fun

im in if i can do whats set :slight_smile:

Great! I’m gonna do something today to start tbe game:)

I’ll try it… Im in :sunglasses:

Its not what you can its what you try to do

yep your right about that , ill try my hardest.

okay, someone can start it, I might be able to do something today but my leg really hurts(pedal bites) so it wont be something really cool.

Be creative, I want cool trials line:)

I’ll see what I can do and get it on tape lol… I go out and it now. 60cm gap

I’ve done 100cm because 60cm seemed way to small here it the video


I’ll try to stack it up soon, but we just got like 15cm of snow today here:( I should’ve started this game during the summer…

Can I do it on my 24"? because I dont want to use my KH in the snow, it will just be a little bit harder for me.

I dont care lol I say what ever wheel size is good…

Dude when someone says sidehop they mean up not across.When someone says gap they mean across.Jaco flans said 60cm sidehop which is reasonable for the beginning of the game

Here I did it. :sunglasses:

I think I did it right? Im sure someone will tell if I didnt. :slight_smile:

yes but starting with a gap then going “up” seems better because then it can act as a pre hop if needed


Anyone interested in starting this again?

Both videos are deleted. :roll_eyes:

I keen