Square Taper Dual Moment Cranks

Anyone have any experience with a set of dual moment cranks on a Coker? My interest is in 125-150 combination. What has worked well for you? What brand? Where did you get them?

“Moments” are what Kris Holms calls his ISIS cranks. I haven’t come across dual hole square taper cranks arms.

Trek has dual hole square taper cranks on a bunch of their kids bikes including the Gary Fisher kids bikes, and maybe more. They have both 152/127, and 140/120. I emailed them to find out about getting the cranks separate from the bike and they said they don’t sell it as an after market item.

The next step would be to go to a Trek dealer and ask them to call for Trek replacement parts, and they may be able to get some that way. The ones I’ve seen have steel chainwheels permanently attached to the right side crank. That would be easy to grind off, or use a hack saw to cut the spider. They are the same cranks Lobbybopster used on his “road machine” in this thread.

I came up with a plan for drilling holes in a pair of cranks to make them dual hole, but have yet to do it. I do have the cranks now. At this point I’m just waiting to be able to afford the tools I’ll need to do it. There is a thread where I was discussing the idea.

Someone on here made drilled and tapped a second set of holes into these to make his own dual hole cranks.

You could prob use any cranks that don’t narrow after the original hole. Since it’ll weaken them you would want to start w/ strong cotterless cranks. Or just convert your wheel to ISIS.

Square Taper Dual Hole Cranks

Square Taper Dual Hole Cranks. These can be production soon, working out logistics. These holes are positioned at 125-150 and the ideal application would be 36" and 29 wheels!

Rotor & Dual Hole Cranks.jpg

3 hole square/taper from DaVinci

I’ve been real happy with my DaVinci’s.
Best money ever spent on my 36er.
130mm,150mm,170mm changes gears quickly with a hex wrench.
Super versatile. $200.00±

Dual hole square taper cranks…

I’m still loving my Sinz dual hole (125mm/150mm) cranks. Of course, I’m really loving the Mountainuni brake rotor. It is working perfectly. I went down a massive hill earlier this week (wish I had taken video) and the brake made it possible.

Anyway, thanks to Jeff and Erik for the awesome job on the Mountainuni rotor, and the dual hole Sinz cranks!

This picture was right after I got the brake installed, and I had Forte clipless pedals in the 150 position. Now I usually use Odyssey twisted pc pedals in the 125 position…

Thanks for the responses so far. I tried searching the forums first but it seemed no resolution was apparent yet, so I appreciate that you guys took the time to respond.

I like the idea of the jig and making my own dual moments but not sure there is enough edge margin left as I look at a set of Nimbus Ventures in 150mm.

$200 seems steep for a set of non-isis cranks without the inserts or heli-coils that would help withstand cycles of pedal changes that tends to gall the aluminum alloy over time. Maybe I assume too much though, possibly the Da Vinci cranks come with inserts? Maybe the alloy of the DaVinci crank is uber tough and it is money well spent. Still thinking about this option and appreciate that you mention it Dave.

The Mountainuni combo would be sweet, when it happens.

I really like the Coker and if it had the dual hole/moment cranks with the 125/150 option I would like it better. I think in hindsight the KH-36 would have been the best choice for me.

You could buy an isis hub and re-lace your wheel, then you could just run moments?