Square taper cranks

I’m looking for a pair of square taper cotterless crank arms, in the 89-114mm-or-so range.

udc has 89mm cotterless United cranks for 12 bucks lol cant get much cheaper than that…
heres the link http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=179

I’m a cheap dude. :roll_eyes:

Do I really need the crank puller tool as they say I do?

Yes you need a crank extractor. I have seen, back in my bmx days, people get cranks off without one, but I haven’t ever seen cranks that weren’t destroyed from the effort.

You should be able to get a cheap one at a LBS. There used to be sugino, and takagi ones from japan that weren’t expensive. I would think that someone in taiwan or china has filled the niche.

Thanks. Any advice on what size cranks I should get for my 20"? I do want something shorter than my 114’s, but should I get 102’s or 89’s? I can’t really do any tricks, but I like to ride around town. How radical are 89’s for a 20" uni?

i have 89’s and they are pretty fun… especially just for cruising around

89 for cruising along will be fun. Crankpullers are great, and even for a quality one, they are only a few dollars.

You say a few dollars. Is that what you mean by $16.95 at the LBS? I noticed that such was the approximate price at UDC.

I have an old Campy one that is similar to this. I’m sure that mine is better metal, but unless you are using your crank extractor often I suspect that a cheap one will last forever. Mine will not work on ISIS, and it looks as if this one might.

I have an ISIS crank extractor and it work for both Square taper and ISIS, if you have an ISIS one try it first, it might work with Square taper too.

I have had mine for about 20 years, long before ISIS. They still make it, and sell it for use on square taper cranksets. It is exactly like this:

I could probably make an adaptor if I ever get an ISIS setup. And looking at the price, I think I will certainly try. This one is listed at $42.

My crank puller has two sets of threads on it and I have yet to find a crank, ISIS or square taper that it wouldn’t fit. (even KOXX not ISIS ISIS) I got it off ebay for about $20.00 after shipping and have pulled loads of cranks with it. Problem is, it will cost more than the cranks.

Oh, I seeing as how your cheap, I will save you a penny and sell you my black 108mm cranks for $11.99 US plus shipping…probably more than the cranks you could get at the LBS for about $10.00US (no shipping, you picked them up)

Thanks everybody for your input. I now have 89’s on my unicycle.