Springfield, Massachusetts area riders

I just started this thread to see if I could flush out riders in the Springfield, Massachusetts area. In the future, perhaps someone will search and find this thread. Or perhaps someone will respond in the present! Always looking to link up with area riders.

I work in Springfield, Live in Belchertown and have started doing some Muni in the state park in the Holyoke mountain range (Amherst area)- which is loads of fun. Great bike trials of all levels maintained by a local bike club. I ride with my two sons (who are ages 11 and 13 as of this writing in 2008).

Other search terms to imbed in this thread: Western Mass, Western Massachusetts, Northampton, MA, Pioneer Valley, New England.

Vanpaun: Where do you guys usually ride?

New To Swampscott, MA

Hey you guys!
I am looking for riding buddies near Swampscott MA. Moved here 1 year ago, would be good to have company on Lynn Woods rides.
Goodness I hope you are still around!


(Just joined this forum, first post, Hi everyone)

Welcome, Mark.

A few months ago, there was an attempt to organize a group ride on the “Boston unicyclists” thread – here’s a link Boston Unicyclists – but it was difficult getting everyone’s schedule to coincide. In June I did meet up with Remy (whose unicyclists.com handle is “Siddhartha Valmont”) for a fun ride at Middlesex Fells reservation . Most of my riding is touring on my Coker, but lately I’ve been making an effort to do more muni (however, my muni skills are still very much in the beginner stage). I’m available to ride early on weekends or anytime on Tuesdays or Thursdays within a 2-hour radius of Springfield.

+1, it was a fun ride and it was too bad we didn’t catch up earlier in the loop :stuck_out_tongue:

Next time will be more in sync and with more fun (and less injuries :wink: ).

Can I join you? I love to drive a bike, especially in the mountains