Spring Riding...[Trials]

Hi! So this is my new video, I decided to finaly do something with all my footage from Spring and the beginning of summer even though the quality is not super good with my camera. So this is some basic Trials riding around my town, not too much really good riding, this will be soon though. :roll_eyes:

Comment please:)

Very enjoyable! :slight_smile: I love your skinny technique, not too much arm flailing but nice and smooth, looks very natural!

Thanks! It’s not the first time someone tells me that my skinnies or still stands are smooth :slight_smile: I like working on smoothness, like Ryan Atkins :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder why I never get more than 1 comment on my videos…

Same for me, It r bcoz we iz not in wiv da kwl kids in1t.

god, remind me to never type like that again? Im sure half my brain cells died just thinking it. :roll_eyes:

Do never write like that again! I dont know can people comunicate like that in Texts or Msn:p

Nice riding Jakob, alway enjoy your videos. Your uni looks good.

Thanks alot! It’s good to know people enjoy my videos even though I dont put any effort on the editing:p

My uni doesn’t look good anymore though:( I’ve taken off my Ti hub and I’m riding my old 2007 Trials wheelset. I’ll order my new Cr-Mo hub soon…:frowning:

Yeah but if I remember correctly your old trials was yellow and you were into the color (I think/thought) so… it looks kind of cool with a little of the old style. In any case it was cool. :slight_smile: Nice job.

It was yellow, but it’s the even older trials uni, before it was yellow, so it just has a yellow clamp. I’ll post a picture soon;)

Very nice video, solid riding!

The hop at 2:15 was sweet, I thought you were going to pedalgrab but you did it to rubber! The backwards hop was also pretty nifty :smiley:

Thanks! I filmed the line with the backward hop just because of it, I should’ve tried to go all the way up though, maybe next time I go in Montreal:p

I just noticed my shoe at 1:02, I didn’t know they were that bad! It’s a good thing I got new ones, finaly!